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table games and a sixth casino in maryland. the governor says it will create 25-hundred jobs... .and pump millions intt the economy. the maryland constitution allows the governor to call a special session if there are extraordinary occasions.but some of the voters we spoke to don't think gambling warrants a special session. (25:25) "it seems that there are more important issues...." (18:02) "they've been paid off by the mafia the gamblers, the casino owners how do you think donald trump made his billions....?" billions....?" it's still unclear how long this session will last... and whether measures to expand gambling will even pass.and even if lawmakers pass the measure, it must still be approved by voters on the november ballot. a disturbing story out of prince george's county.. where a child molester is so subtle... he's followed by a girl to a public playground in broad day light. light. and as karen gray shows us... it was all caught on camera. camera. ((take pkg)) 3 the old steel mill at sparrow's point... has a new owner...but more than one th
in aberdeen this week. how home field advantage vaulted a group of maryland kids to the top. top. emily says.... says.... and it was the fans last &pchance to see the ravens before game day. hello, i'm jennifer gilbert.a young man is found dead - at the inner harbor.his body was discovered-- floating in the water--early this investtgators want to know what happened to's a story we broke first on our website.. . fox baltimore dot com. and melinda roeder is live tonight from the harbor where she's been following the story. melinda? someone called 9-1-1 very early this morninn to report something suspicious - possibly a body - in the water. pt doesn't appear the young man had been in the water for very long.but it's too early to say if this as an accidental drowning - or something more sinister. 13:31:21 - nats of inner haabor by afternoon - theetypical weekend crowd of tourists filled boats and restaurants around the inner harbor.most of them - not knowing - about the tragic find - from hours earlier.13:27:52 "yeah, it's actually pretty sad to be honest with you."it was aro
for the cal ripkin world series. for the first time ever a maryland boy made it to the championship game today. he made it through from the bronx yesterday. today he went up against a team from japan. >> lot of respect between the teams. they know we are here because we mean business. we know they are here because they are a good coached team. >> japan beat maryland. 17-7. first maryland team to reach the world series since it started ten years ago. >>> olympics are over in london. games are still going on here in our state. senior olympics are in full swing across the area. this week it was about volleyball. women played yesterday. men battled it out this afternoon. women move on to the next competition coming up in cleveland. to qualify for the senior olympics you must be 50 years old. there is still time to apply for events. >>> there had better be 90,000 plus fans friday night when the orioles come home. down 5-0 to detroit. orioles came back and won 7-5. of three. naged to win two out big win in the motor city. it is off to texas for three before coming home. we have waited 15 years for a
of tragedy like that one, fire deaths are actually down in the first six months of this year... 22 people died in fires in maryland,compared to 28 during the same period last year.thaa represents a 21 percent decrease. maryland's three casinos generated more than 48-million dollars inrevenue last month. but revenue at one of those casinos has shown a drastic decline. hollywood casino in cecil county is reporting a 32- percent drop in business when compared with the same month a year ago.operators blame more competition from the casino at arundel mills. one state lawmaker says the new numbers should be a wake-up call for those who want to expand gambling and build another casino atthe national harbor in prince george's county. (carter) "we see from what penn national's argument is, clearly thhy're losing, we believe that the one in anne arundel county is going to bodes very well for baltimore city. i have very big concerns about baltimore city competing with others especially if one is constructed at the national " harbor."lawmakers return to annapolis this thursday to convene
>>> now "good morning maryland." >>> if -- some people are lying in the bath rooms asking for help. >> the questions as to why this morning in a wisconsin town 7 dead after a gunman opened fire at a sikh temple. and a family grieves of a death of a midshipman. the future he had lined up ahead of him. those stories coming but we begin out of pennsylvania where track official at the pock know race way say a lightning strike after a nascar race killed one person and injured 9 others. it's not clear if all 10 were struck by the lightning or is it known where one or multiple strikes occurred. one of the nine injured is still in pretty bad shape and this does give you pause and serve as a reminder when severe weather strikes heed all warnings and take care of yourself and your loved ones. time for a check of the forecast with lynette. and we hate hearing stories like this when they come out about people dead as a result of lightning strikes. >> exactly. and speaking of the lightning strikes firing up on maryland'smost powerful radar around new injuriesy and off to the atlantic. it was ro
to marylanders who have the final say on this. >> national harbour will become the likely site. the county is facing a $126 million budget shortfall next fiscal year. county officials hope that it will help boost the local economy. tonight, a harford county sheriff's deputy says he was forced to shoot eight people in edgewood. -- shoot a pit bull in edgewood. police say the dog charged with the deputy. the deputy shot and killed the dog. the second dog was found and returned to the owner. the incident is now under investigation. this comes as state legislators fail to come to an agreement on how to overturn a ruling by maryland's highest court bulls as tipplepit inherently dangerous. >> if the ruling stands, animal shelters expect to see an influx of pit bulls surrendered. this is one of a number of for adoption. the 5-year-old has been waiting for months to find a home could but when the state's controversial hit the ball -- a controversial pit bull bill failed in leglation, adoption got a lot tougher. >> we even had one dog, geronimo, who went home with a young woman and come as soon as
as the landlord saw him, he said that he had to come back. >> maryland lawmakers cannot agree on the high court ruling that declared pit bulls inherently dangerous. the owner could be held liable without proof of a violent attack. >> a breed does not determine behavior, and a third party should not be held accountable for what somebody else and their pet does. >> a motion has been filed with the maryland court of appeals for reconsideration. >> for our shelter and other shelters through maryland, we are inundated with animals. we are going to be taking in a higher volume of animals, we will probably have less adoption, and what does that mean? more euthanasia of animals that would otherwise have a home. >> the maryland court of appeals is expected to meet today, so we could know more by tonight. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> another hotly debated issue on the november ballot is same- sex marriage. members of the black church initiative held a prayer vigil wednesday night to show their opposition to making same-sex marriage legal in maryland. church is saying is that we love you, we w
this weekend in support of the maryland dream act. this is controversial legislation which allows undocumented immigrants to pay in state tuition at state universities. >> many ever the demonstrators say they were marching because their futures are at stake. surea chinn has the story. >> reporter: maryland voters will not only get to vote on the next president but the dream act. proper points want to overturn legislation cha would allow undocumented immigrants in state tuition. they call themselves the dreamers with hopes of a future in america through higher education. >> i want to be a psychologist. after that join the air force. >> reporter: veronica came to this country when she was 10. >> i'm out here because i want the dream act. >> reporter: cindy came from the war torn country of ivory coast. the dream act approved by last year's maryland legislative session requires qualified students to go to a community college and after two years, the chance to transfer to a four-year university. opponents say that takes away opportunities for maryland and out of state citizens a spot at, say, the
. there is another out towards west of maryland. kent island severe storm. look at the skylin improving. baltimore city had a severe one. the rain came in after 5:30. spotty showers for much of the viewing area. notice the severe weather near elkton. much of the eastern shore getting slammed with the thunderstorms. winds in excess of 50 miles per hour. look at the lightning. 900 bolts of lightning from this line of storms that blew through here. that will continue the progression towards the east. new castle county thunderstorm warning until 7:30. the storms are putting the break brakes on. we'll watch the skies until 9:00 and the course of the evening. rain-cooled 75 in town. 90s over the eastern shore. we have another band of showers and thunderstorms towards deep creek maryland. we'll track that coming up. >> thank you. >> for the second time in less than a month we are reporting on another mass shooting on the south side of miwaukee. let's go to scott for the latest. >> reporter: the shooting started outside miwaukee. a morning worship service suddenly became a crime scene. >> first officer on
you enjoy the last few days of the . fair.emily gracey is streaming now at the maryland state faii for this mornings hometoon hotspot. -what is the salad table?- how do you decide what things to grow? grrw? the maryland state fair runs through september 3rd. victoria justice is coming to the maryland state fair on friday at are available now at maryland state fair dot com.but we want free.the 10th callerrright now - wins a family 4 pack of tickets to the show. between all tte speeches... a little romance. ((wait for it... wait for it.)) pt.))coming up... one man pullssa few ssrings to pull off a tender moment... his big moment at the republican &pnational convention... next. next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. &p((break 2)) ((:22 i love you...please marryyme...ha ha ha! ha! ::5)) :35)) a tender moment at the republicaa national convention... as this couple from brooklyn gets eegaged at the event. event.the future groom was able to use his connections as the r-n-c's production manager to pull off the proposal.the couple have been dating for three y
investigates his ties to the area. >> reporter: this has raised concerns about hate groups in maryland. we first reported yesterday about a group called label 56 that distributed some of payge's music nationwide. the label has since denounced the massacre. we went looking for their founder today with no luck. several watch groups say this was wade michael payge's album of hate. he performed in baltimore and a maryland based record label distributed it. >> tattoos he was wearing were sort of his badges proving that he was part of this violent neo nazi skin head world. >> reporter: payge has brought attention to the under ground hate music world. >> the hate music is a way to recruit young people to anti semitism. >> reporter: the attacks have maryland's sikh's community on alert. >> he seeked out the six with the turbans on. >> reporter: he spoke of a racial holy war but the suspected gunman's exstepmother says that's not the child she knew. >> what changed him we don't know. he had hispanic friends and he had black friends. >> reporter: some believe the government is not doing enough when
in maryland is on the fast track. >> is meeting resistance and it is not the only game in town. we are in annapolis were activists are demanding protection for pitbulls. david collins is in the statehouse with the future of gambling in maryland. >> the gambling bill is meeting resistance from republicans and democrats. after a meeting with democratic leaders, the governor can only express hope that the measure will pass. >> we agree with those folks over there. at no backroom deals. that is what has gone on. >> of the state house is not a happy campus. the proposed bill to expand gaming has fawned many camps. there are much needed revenues for the state. he met privately with the democratic caucus and expressed confidence the measure will pass. the governor's chief legislative officer answered questions about the bill from a skeptical delegation. the largest casino opened back in june. maryland live at the baltimore city's casinos will get an additional 5% of the proceeds if voters let another casino opened in prince george's county. still, maryland live operators consider the legi
, maryland. the first casino is scaling back. the hollywood casino plans to return as many as 500 machines by the end of the year. david collins is back and joins us with more. >> scaling back because of competition at a time when the state is considering expanding gambling. fewer slots will make the facility look busy and enhance the perception that it is a popular place. this so-called right sizing includes replacing the buffet with a new restaurant. >> rows of slot machines at the hollywood casino are vacant. flashing lights, bills, and other enticements go unnoticed. casino operator said they want to return 400 or 500 and realized slot machines. casino operators blame increased competition from the maryland live casino and they expect even more losses after baltimore city. it is -- casino opens. >> we all share the same data base. a significant number come from that baltimore county anne arundel, baltimore city area. >> revenues plummeted by 32.4%. marilyn's first casino is scaling back operations just as state legislators are about to convene to expand gambling. legislation which has
and in maryland i would love to do that. >> applicants can receive work permits and they must be between 15 and 31 and have arrived in the u.s. before they turned 16. they must not have been convicted of any serious crime and have been living in the u.s. for five years continuously. they must be in high-school or graduate or have a ged and can have served in the u.s. military. if they are accepted, deportats deferred for two years. brenda acosta is looking forward to the program. drexel will be very happy. i can have my license and a job and go to school. >> when i am done i am going to become a teacher. >> i've got to be a natural pass the doctor. >> these and people -- young people are the future. these are the first people who are able to come out of the shadows and say i am here, i have been doing the right thing, i want to work and give back. we want to help them do that. >> the work permits are temporar this does not get legal residency end is not part of the path to citizenship. volunteers say they will be out here thursday and again each thursday as long as there is demand. >> vice-preside
no electricity. >> the state commission is holding four hearings all over maryland to allow customers to voice frustration. the first hearing was in annapolis and 21 angry customers testified. >> i lost almost all the food in my freezer. i had no water because i have a well and septic system. i had to take my 84-year-old father and leave the house. >> in '75 and it was just a good thing that my operate -- i am 75, and it was a good thing that my operation was at the beginning of may. >> i hope this meeting that they had will solve the situation. we can talk and talk and talk. words are cheap. s louder thanw words. >> we are not going to dismiss customers concerns. we are here. >> the next meeting to night at the war memorial -- is tonight at the war memorial at 7:00 p.m. >> thank you. now and 11 news update. the water main break on light street is now fixed. the 20 inch main ruptured last month creating traffic troubles downtown. we are told crews replaced the entire main plus two other lines nearby. repaving will begin this week. the maryland house and senate get back to work today as a speci
áácheeringáá cheers as the mars rover makes a succesful landing. the role maryland is playing in a mission millions of miles away. -------------------------------- -------------and where's the truth in advertissng? advertising?(mos #2)"they make it look appetizing and it's usually not." not." we test products to see if they live up to their packaging. -------------------------------- ------------ more heat.. with a threat of storms this week. how hot it will get... and when rain could arrive... in my skywatch forecast. -------------------------------- ------------- profits are down at a maryland casino. the numbers casting doubt on the need for more gambling in the state. good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.jeff barnd is off tonight. baltimore police open fire on a man outside district court. crime and justice reporter joy lepola brings us his fiancee's harsh words for baltimore police policefirst on fox tonight tonight ((pkg))8:32:00 ambulance leaving 8:32:15 nat of officer talking tavon williams made it as ar as the sidewalk outside his son's daycare bef
maryland. maryland.five children, and one adult in queen anne's county... have beee diagnosed with swine flu.they are all from different families... and it appears some of them got it from pigs at the queen anne's county last word...those innected were not seriously ill... and were not in the hospital.the swine flu has infected more than 200 people across the country. maryland gained 8-hundred jobs in july ... but the number of peopll without work also grew...putting the unemployment raae áupá to 7 percent.the gain marks the first month since february the state posted an increase in jobs.maryland's unemployment rate is still below the national average of 8-point-3 percent. the white house is keeping an eye on gas prices ... which have gone up... almost footy cents in august due to high oil prices. blamed... in part on issues with refineries in sections of the counnry.if there is a big enough spike in prices at the pump... there is a chance officials will tap into the strategic petroleum reserve. but critics say the oil reserve should not be released right now because there
enid gonzalez/ abogada de casa maryland " sabemos que se puede demostrar pero no sabemos cuantos documentos, entonces lo que habia que hacer ahorita acumular todo lo posible para demostrar la entrada antes de los 16 anos y que estan aqui los ultimos 5 anos..." en una conferencia telefonica, el director del uscis alejandro mayorkas dijo el tramite podria demorar meses y que el proceso se puede monitorear en la pagina web del del uscis....katherin tiene 3 hermanas y ya esta ahorrando... katterin/estudiante indocumentada"tendriamos que pa alrededor de 1,500 es mucho dinero y estamos ahorrando, dejamos de salir algunas veces por ahorrar..." jovenes con cargos criminales como por ejemplo manejar en estado de ebriedad no seran considerados ... la buena noticia para esta activista comunitaria es el saber que jovenes aun no han obtenido su certificado escolar conocido como ged, pueden iniciar el proceso este 15 de agosto enid gonzalez/ abogada de casa maryland "lo importante es que a la fecha que someta su solicitud tiene que haber completado su ged o estar en el proceso." funciona
.s. action stands by its controversial ad. >>> maryland governor martin o'malley is requesting federal disaster relief for 13 counties deeply affected by drought and extreme heat. "the baltimore sun" reports that prince george's county and anne arundel county are among the farming communities on the list. the governor reports that 76% of maryland is under abnormally dry conditions. because of the dry conditions, the state's department of agriculture is offering free testing of grains per toxins. >>> marylandmaryland convenes for a second special session. the first session addressed the budget crisis. now the session is debating gambling. governor o'malley supports a bill to expand gambling. the proposal would legalize table games in addition to slot machines. plus, lawmakers will also consider adding a sixth casino at national harbor. >> we can create jobs. we can maximize the dollars that come from this. gaming has been approved by every single jurisdiction by the voters a few years ago in order to keep the competitive, in order to maximize the dollars that come to the state. we belie
. >>> just a few showers around maryland but where the biggest storm on the map is headed. >> right now i'm too scared. >> a virus that can be deadly is on the rise. how the protect your dog. they come with big promises how much can you trust that sell on your tv. >>> it was a hot night for cool treats. we caught up with people trying to get icy goodness. wyatt, are we looking at possible showers. >> not many until thursday. i'll take a mango. keep that coming to the stormcenter. temperatures are pushing 80. 78 in dulles. a few clouds west to east. basically we're relatively rain free. not so much south. hurricane ernesto is making landfall south of cancun mexico. we'll take more about ernesto tomorrow. here in maryland another summer like day. >>> you may be curled up with your dog. but in hartford county there's an illness that is keeping dog owners away from their pets with the possibility of not seeing them again. it is parvovirus be it is very contagious. >> parvovirus is often fatal and can be expensive to treat. there's things dog owners can go to keep tails wagging. >> you'r
world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. >> in today's consumer alert, if you are headed down time for the grand prix this weekend, trying to park could be a series hassle. one local company is trying to save you time and money by using an app on your phone or your computer. all you have to do is type in your destination and choose from a number of locations to park downtown. users can save up to 70% on parking rates. >> people can save on hotels coming into town. we can offer $5 or $7 just a block or two from your hotel. >> it can also be used to find parking in washington, d.c. we know that using your smartphone can be deadly during your commute. bring a designated texter along for the ride. >> this recent public service
. >> a winning situation for prince george's county. marylandal assembly in allow neweasure to table gamesell as at the gambling halls. governor martin o'malley later this morning will sign the bill. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, august 15. are waking up with us. i am cynne simpson. >> i am brad bell. let's check the forecast with steve rudin. >> not a bad start. the rain has come to an end for the most part. now we are looking at a little clearing. showers will be developed in the afternoon with rumbles of thunder. the temperature right , 75 at reagan national airport. off to our west, temperatures are in the '60s. for morning fog, then a few afternoon thundershowers. strong. become 84-89 degrees for the daytime high. clearing expected for the overnight. of sunshine for the day tomorrow with highs g 90.achin let's get an update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden. >> we like the way it is starting. overnight construction clearing. report.ems to we will start in virginia. 66 and 95, outside the beltway in pretty good shape. moving construction on the beltway in tysons. they d
now, traffic is being directed onto moravia road. another marylander has made the ultimate sacrifice serving in afghanistan. he was an abc from edgewater in anne arundel county. the pentagon says that he was among the 11 casualties and the last week's crash of a military helicopter in afghanistan he was assigned to a west coast base and naval warfare unit. fuel accounts and have not been made public. -- funeral arrangements have not been made public. investigators tell at 11 news that a 23-year-old officer and his partner were chasing a suspect shortly before 1:00 monday afternoon on southbound 95 near the powder mill road exit. police say that he lost control of his car and ran off the interstate and spread into a ditch. both were taken to hospital. morris was pronounced dead. the other officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries. police are still looking for the suspect and the vehicle. no word on a suspect or possible motive behind a deadly shooting last night in southwest baltimore. investigators say a 36-year-old man was shot just before 9:00 monday night on the 3200 block o
's right for you at want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> >>> justice for christopher. >> nobody wants to bury their children. >> a family appeals to the feds to investigate their son's death at the hands of a police officer. the changes they demand. >>> [ applause ] hello, everyone, i'm vick carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. if family of baltimore county teen christopher brown is fighting on. they are calling for an independent investigation into the night he was killed by an off duty police officer. worse' live, megan ma core kill has more on their plan. >> reporter: christopher brown's family say are not happy with the manslaughter charges filed against that baltimore county officer. they've made it their mission to get murder c
takescenter stage in annapolisas maryland lawmakers convene a special session. but as john rydell reportsstate lawmakers are still spliton the controversial bill... bill... (rydell) "shortly before noon, the senate convened in special session to begin what many expect will be a conentious debate over the volatile gambling bill." "no gaming in prince george's."as lawmakers arrived at the state house...they were greeted by protesters.they oppose a new casinoat the national harborin prince george's county."why would our elected officials not take care of prince georgeans but try to award billions of dollars to national harbror and watch the monny leave our county."(nats) inside...senate president mike miller...gavels the session to order. he's been pushing to expand gambling for years...and says it will help generate more renuve for a state still facing a projected deficit. (miller) "we need no more tax increases, at the same time we need to build schools and keep maryland number one in terms of education."but some lawmakers are resentful...they've been called back into session yet again...this
convictions. at casa de maryland in langley park 17-year-old natali montano is still struggling to believe it and it brings her to tears when people accuse her parents of stealing american jobs. >> my mom cleans toilets, like who would want to do that and it breaks my heart because they're here for me. >> president obama gave the executive order granting amnesty earlier this year, but mr. romney suggested he might reverse it. some of you remain divided over president obama's division to grant that amnesty to a lot of young immigrants. what do you think? get into the conversation. send your comments to me at we may read them on the air tomorrow. >>> wells fargo is going to have to pony up serious cash for dishing out shoddy investment advice. the bank will have to pay 6.5 million bucks for advising 10 customers to buy into high risk investments. the securities and exchange commission says wells fargo did not do enough research or inform the customers just how risky those investments were. >>> pennsylvania's controversial voter id law will be in place for this november ele
into maryland. through a translator mr. kim told the board it would never happen again. he has since purchased an id carb for his store and says he always -- scanner for his store and says he always asks for identification. there are 90 days to make a decision on whether town square market will be able to keep its liquor license. the neighborhood commission voted unanimously that it should not. >> any indication so far as to which way they're leaning or we have to wait till the end? >> a lot of testimony today. you can never tell, never predict what goes on behind closed doors. >> thank you. >>> hundreds of people lining up in chicago today for their chance to petition the u.s. government to stay in this country. they are presumably sons and of daughters of illegal immigrants brought to the country before they were 16. our bruce leshan is live in langley park with more on the immigration policy that's become welcomed there. >> reporter: big lines in chicago and here in langley park. this is the most sweeping change in immigration policy in the united states in decades if you came here before
was instructed to give maryland an infusion a plural high rate in enema form to open the capsules and put them in water and give them to her as an el ma. maryland had been taken capsules as a the result was it was a chloro hydrate that pushed her over the edge. >> and it was dosed by a disturbed doctor. >> one of the things you put to rest. and this is the relationship to rfk. >> there was never any sexual relationship. they met socially on four occasions on which they were surrounded by a number of other people. the the other size documents are still on the whereabouts the entire general, it's simply impossible for somebody to have an affair from eight meal distance. also, the president and she shared a room. that's all we know about the relationship. the fact of the matter is all this stuff ár talk about maryland being sneak into the white house is simply rubbish. we haven't a single kreut -lable she had none of those private phones. >> let's talk about her relationship with joe demmagio. would it be fair to say he was her one great love. >> i think it would be ago r at -- would be during t
."myers... and his wife... libby... are... expected to be mississippi... for... 3---weeks. maryland officials... confirm...//: the... first death... this yeer... from... west nile virus.../. nationwide,.../ there's... been a spike... in... the number of cases ... in... the past ... week...// kathleen cairns... jjins us.../ with... the... very latest.../ concerning maryland../ kathheen. health officials do describe it as alarming. they say the 13 cases reported in maryland so far are widespread, with cases reported in every region. without a particular hotspot to watch out for, they recommend eeeryone use precaution. maryland has 13 cases of west nile.. and one fatality. while, nationwide there have been 66 deaths... and more pten half the cases are in texas. the c.d.c. is concerned because there has been a sudden and alarming spike in the number of cases. in fact, nationally, its up 40-percent in just one week. (city health commissioner) news is we have not had any --3 positive west nile mos. pods, the best way to protect yourself against we
already facing charges of bribery in mexico. now under more pressure. maryland representative elijah cummings along with a california democrat say that walmart's mexican subsidiary may have engaged in money laundering and tax evasion. the investigation is looking at five other nations as well. wal-mart and target forming a company to allow customers to pay with their smartphone. mcx is what it's called. other retailers on board include 7-eleven, best buy, and cvs. approval of congress oppose the performance fell to 10% in august, tying a record low set in february. stockbrokers got higher public approval marks than congress as well as telemarketers. millions of bumbo baby seats being recalled. more later. ellen braitman reporting for abc 7 news. >> it is 67 degrees. >> still to come last month movie theater shooting forced hospitals to cancel visits by a local man who dresses >> time to check on the weather. >> do we have some fall temperatures coming? >> we do. this weekend it's going to be much cooler than today and tomorrow. take a look at temperatures outside from the belfort fur
with them and how you budget, in other words lead by example. >>> now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's get you to the watches and warnings. flash flood warning for mump -- much of the evening. over the eastern shore where we've been watching the heavy rain shower and even the tornado warning, you do have flash flood warning. anne arundel you have a flash flood warning. if you look down south, there's an active tornado warning down in dorchester county. we'll have to keep an eye on that. here is doppler radar, showing heavy bands of rain shower. you look south and east of baltimore, do you see some storms starting to get strong. we have to watch as it pushes north. there's that one storm of in queen anne. that is below the criteria. in terms what we're seeing on radar now, right along the white marsh boulevard, you see some storms trying to fire up, moving toward elk and these storms could produce lightning. keep an eye on sky and keep an eye on abc 2 news in the storms do test limit. we do have a flash flood. there's the shot crowds and again very cloudy damp dismal shot 70 d
report. >> the former university of maryland honor student accused of making online threats against the school is heading to court today. >> he is expected to enter a guilty plea. we go live to college park, sources tell us that this was clearly a student at his breaking point both socially and academically. police say the 19-year-old rhode and multiple websites that he wants to go on a shooting rampage here at the university of maryland. he is expected to plead guilty today to multiple counts. police learned of the threat of a former student who used to work for the department. they say the former honor student wrote that he wanted to kill in the people to make the national news. police found no weapons in his dorm. or his parents' home in howard county. it will charge him with disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct. police say they responded to his dorm to find him in a screaming fit. he overslept and missed seeing a girl they parted. he told police he was feeling extremely stressed out. >> two hearings today in arizona could move prosecutors closer to a legal resolution. jar
in maryland. maryland.(13:55:56) (norris) "the increasing competition take."why some say more could mean less. an increasing threat of thunderstorms as we move toward the weekend. when the worst storms could arrive and the day when we'll finally see some great weather in my skywatch forecast. forecast.and a fond farewell 10:17:32 "the customers that've stucc by us all these years have really ecome friend" friends."why a pikesville department store is closing first tonight... powerful thunderstorms moved through the area this evening.. evening..meteorologist tony pagnotti joins us now... tony... what do the skies look like ? ? it's a high stakes game in annapolis.maryland lawmakers roll the dice on another casino. casino...(governor) "it allows us to create jobs and it will allow us to realize almost immediately $100 million in revenue for our pubbic schools." schools."and today... the real fight begins some say the numbers just don't add up... ...and taxpayers lose... ...because others hold all the . chips... (3:14) "this is basically a special session for s
to the maryland state fair, the precautions being made after an outbreak of the swine flu. >>> what do you do after you win a gold medal? if you are a 15 year old, you get ready for your sophomore year. the stories are just ahead on this tuesday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. lynette charles is here with a check of the forecast. loren is manning the roads. >>> a lot going on this morning. we got everything from water main breaks and sink holes and construction. more on everything coming up in a few minutes. lynette, have you been getting sleep with the olympics on? >> i'm exhausted. my eyes are red. >> i'm turning it on for you this morning. it's humid outside, make sure you get out there, and you try to enjoy because we have change in the forecast. let's look at what we have on the banner. we see the sun trying to rises we also are having a few clouds, that will be the scenario through time today. we are looking at temperatures today, coming in around 70 degrees in frederick. this is right now, 71 aberdeen. 68 churchville. humidity levels up the
the roadway. i will have the details coming up on good morning maryland. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters, a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done... i'm going to read one of these. i'm going to read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 dusters extender gets into hard to reach places so you can get unbelievable dust pick up in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ >>> microsoft is parting way was hot mail over the next few months. the tech giant will invite hot mail users to test a new web based version of outlook so many existing users will be able to keep their hot mail addresss however new users will have to choose the outlook domain. now acoring to microsoft the out-- according to microsoft it has a cleaner interface and social aspects built in. >>> this is a cool story. twitter users you know about the hash tag reference. now there's a cash tag. users can follow stocks by putting the dollar sib in -- sign in front of ti
in the's expected to take two more weeks to fix. three maryland casinos generate more than 48-million dollars in revenue for july. but revenue at one of those taking a "nose-dive."as john rydell reports froo cecil pounty...the operators of explaning what happened... ((pkg)) (rydell) ((nats))the lights and sounds of slot machines...still echoe loudly throughout hollywood casino. but where are the crowds? ((nats))operators expected to seea slight drop in business...when marylanddlive opened two months arundel mills.but in july...slots revenue here...dropped 32-percent from the same month a year ago. (hayles) "so when you add in the fact that baltimore could get a casino in a couple of years, it's going to have a further impact."so hollywood casino's general manager wants to send nearly 500 of his slot machhnes...back to the state. (hayles) "not only would we be saving some money from a maintenance prospective, the state would be able to take some of these games nd maybe use them for maryland live as they continue to grow."but some state lawmakers saythe new number
into a war of words. fiery debate under way in maryland's leaders' expanding casinos in a free state. >> day two of a special session to tackle the issue. john gonzalez explains where today.stand >> this will go on well into the night. there are a number of issues ranging from the fear that nonunion workers will build the casino, to the fear that there backroom deals going on, and mention hundreds of -- and already contentious session. tables a bill to allow existing parlors and a sixth casino in prince george's county. >> there are a number of amendments. day.going to be a long >> senate president mike miller entered the day cautiously optimistic, but most legislators agree it's going to be daunting. >> thousands of jobs will be utilized and national harbor. legislation is on the after a nearly unanimous passage by the budget taxation committee yesterday. divided.loor is >> i have concerns about oversaturation of the market and reducing thet rates. impact it will have on the other five centers. >> governor o'malley would like machines to find a national harbor, a for this maryland resident.
>>> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >>> in the say the of her home hang out in her booed bedroom a pg honor student brutally murdered. investigators want to know why. >>> and when a utility workers shows up at your door, you trust them right? that was not the case for one man in upper fells point when an impostor claiming to be from bge showed up. and as always do your best work. something we should all remember to do because someone is watching. that's what a waitress at rhode island learned after she got a very, very big tip. the stories and much more coming up on this friday, august 24th. good morning i am charley crowson. megan is off today. we are watching a traffic didn't along 695. exit 18 is the landmark for that. and 795. we will have a live look in a bit. >> i am hoping fog doesn't have anything to do withit because we have reduced visibility this morning. other than that, we are looking pretty good. we have clouds at ellicott city. but we are getting a little sunshine in here going throughout today. now today is going to be
>>> you are looking at gambling expansion passing in maryland. we will talk about that this morning what your decision will be this fall. >>> parts of the western u.s. on fire this morning. >> everything is gone. we have nothing left. you have to start all over. >> that's what a lot of people out in the west are saying. dangerous conditions in 10 states and a firefighter dead. we will fill you in on that and much more including big weather stories out of maryland. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. before you head out this morning, you will want to be prepared because it could be a rocky day. here's meteorologist lynette charles. >> you are right. it could be a rookie day after a rocky day yesterday and also overnight. so we could see it all over again. you name it we saw it yesterday. tornado warning for harford county and baltimore county. lots of flood warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings with large hail and damaging winds and we could see it again possibly going into the afternoon because the storm prediction center has us in a slight risk. maryland's
of rain in southern maryland now moving over the bay. partly cloudy tomorrow with highs in the low to mid 90's. now to lisa baden. >> everything was good on 95 between richmond and baltimore but there's been a collision in maryland on 95 northbound between the beltway and powder mill road and nobody is getting by. temporarily blocked with a crash in the calvert and area. southbound coming from baltimore towards washington, if everything is moving. -- temporarily blocked with a crash in the calverton area. >> the driver hit and killed a woman in herndon and did not stop. the woman was found in the 500 block of center street last night. john gonzalez has the latest details. >> we have two crime scenes. still a fluid situation. a lot of police activity on center street near downtown herndon, virginia. it will be shut down several hours while detectives investigate this fatal hit-and- run. a woman was struck and killed near an apartment complex around midnight. then about a block away, someone crashed a silver minivan into about six parked cars. the driver then fled the scene. police have rea
session in maryland. >> all eyes on r.g. iii during his first preseason game. what he had to say about the redskins' victory over the buffalo bills. >> we are starting on storm watch. some local customers in the dark because of storms right now. will there be more today? good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is friday morning, august 10. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist adam caskey. >> it's going to be an active day. we have widespread areas of rain already this morning but no strong the thunderstorms. the rainfall is shown in red and yellow on the screen. now stretching into stafford county. even along 66 from centreville to front royal, heavy rainfall. now it is starting to move over 95 in virginia. scattered rain this morning, then some breaks around lunchtime into the afternoon. if more thunderstorms and some could be strong to severe with gusty wind posting the biggest threat later on today. highs in the mid to upper 80s. the weekend
heights. all the stories coming up on "good morning maryland" at 5. and don't forget, like warren -- lauren cook's facebook fan page and be eligible for $600 in free gas. we will pick another winner later today. >>> consumer news the maker of red vines candies recalling some of the licorice. testing revealed lead that more than doubled what is considered safe for kids. the recall affects 16 ounce bags of the black licorice twist labeled best before february 4th, 2013. if you have that candy, do not eat it. take it back to the store r a full refund. >>> if you plan to go to college but are not sure what to study, well your normal -- you are normal but the studies show the majors you want to consider could return some pretty big paychecks. take a look. >> with tuition prices soaring and debt at an all time high college students are look for careers with a big pay-- looking for a careers with a big paycheck college major handbook says it helps if you have a nose for numbers. math and science related majors have the highest average salaries for people straight out of school. premed gr
in maryland. earlier this morning the general assembly passed a bill which would expand gambling in the state and bring a casino to prince george's county. voters will have to approve the expansion in november. brianne carter has more. >> the senate bill has received a constitutional majority. >> the deal is done. maryland lawmakers have passed a plan to expand gambling in the state. >> it means thousands of jobs, it means in come, money for schools and benefit the entire state. >> it will mean new table games across the state and a new casino in prince george's county. throughout the special session executive rushern baker kept a close eye on the bill. he said this decision will be good for the county and the state. >> it puts it in the hands of the people in the state of maryland and prince or discounted. >> the bill did not get overwhelming support in the house. it got the minimum 71 votes to pass. some say the state should of looked at other options for revenue. >> are for other modes of ineconomic development. because this has been an emergency special session, we have not had suspicion
. >> a teenager murdered in maryland, prince george's county police sat -- found the body of the 17-year-old woman in a house. >> it has been a difficult morning. the mother of this teenager was out here when they removed the body from the home. she was visibly and understandably distraught. the forensic unit is still inside to try to piece this together. it looks like they have fingerprinting throughout the home. that looks like that are focusing on the upstairs bedroom. we know the police got a call around 10:00 p.m. on school nights in prince george's county. they received the call from a relative and they arrived and found the girl, 17-years old suffering from a gunshot wound inside her own home. she was pronounced dead a short time later. detectives have been dusting for prince and collecting evidence all morning. it does not appear this was an isolated incident. police believe this teenager may have known her attacker. this may have been a home invasion. police are still trying to figure it all out. >> around prince george's county this morning, police have identified the second suspect alle
maryland. maryland.five children, and one adult in queen anne's county... have been diagnosed with swine flu.they are all from different families... and it appears some of them got it from pigs at the queen anne's county last word...those infected were not serioussy ill... and were not in the hospital.the swine flu has infected more than 200 people across the country. maryland gained 8-hundred jobs in july ... but the number of people without work also grew...putting the unemployment rate áupá to 7 percent.the gain marks the first month since february the state posted an increase in jobs.maryland's unemplooment rate is still below the national average of 8-point-3 percent. lamborghini is out with a more expensive... and dangerous... m. model. the "sesto elemento" costs 2-point-2 million goes from zero to 60-miles-and-hour... in just 2-point-6 seconds... thanks to a 570-horsepower engine.and it does all that without air bags.because of that... the carris not considered "street legal."if you're thinking about buying one... expect to pay about 44-thousand-dollars
page is an army veteran who has been linked to skin head bands including two in the state of maryland. police say he shot and killed two people including a police officer before other officers shot and killed him. >> in this country, regardless of what we look like, where we come from, who we worship, we are all one people. >> we are also being told page played at a racist music festival in the city. he was discharged from the army in 1998. >>> this morning there is casino controversy locally as the general assembly expands gambling. the first casino took a major hit. mike schuh has more on this. >> reporter: good morning. it could happen again when this casino is expected to open. other gaming halls are expected to get lower revenue. that is the impact that maryland live has had on the perryville operations. the operators are trying to give back some of their slot machines. maryland live's jackpot comes at a cost. empty seats in hollywood casino. >> the demand is not what it was and the supply is too much. >> reporter: with a new casino just an hour to the south, revenue in july comp
and drove her around maryland for a frightening 24 hours. >> she's still a little shaky. we're all a little shaky. it's quite possible it could be a random act. it's quite possible it could have been more than that. >> reporter: his comments come just days after police released surveillance video from cameras on a suspect. there's some thought given to it. the materials used to bind what we brought there. so there's a lot of evidence that shows that there was somewhat of a plan. i don't know when she will go back. but certainly right now, she's not back in our house yet. >> reporter: ripken said he didn't even know his mom was missing until someone spotted her car in baltimore county and he drove around himself, looking for her. >> reporter: that was almost 14 hours after she was first taken. >> i actually physically got in the car and drove around. it's like finding a needle in the haystack, i suppose. but that mead me feel like i was doing something. >> reporter: he said her abductor treated her civilly, but wouldn't provide other details while his mom was held against her will. >> we've
now, maryland moves closer to expanding gambling in the state. >> lawmaker debated the measure tonight and late into the morning. it will get governor o'malley's signature this morning. there is still one more hurdle to clear. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> good morning. it is august 15th, 2012. hard to believe we're halfway through the month already. getting closer and closer to fall. the temperature have been fall ago long with it as we get closer to that time. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> time to bring in tucker barnes. >> we have a mixture of fog in some spots. we may have some afternoon thunderstorms. we know this routine. we have some big changes as we get into the weekend. let's kick it off with a look at current conditions and at reagan national, we are all the way down now to 74 degrees. 74 in washington. 60s here north and west. winchester, good morning. 64degrees for you. ocean city, maryland, 76 degrees. a little warmer, a lile more humid to our south and east this morning. watch the showers and thunderstorms get going. wow! yeah, they
>>> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >>> you are looking live at rg steel where workers are going to protest today. what is at stake for the historic baltimore county metal. >>> and expanding gambling in maryland a big vote hours away at the statehouse. >> and you may donate that old junk but hang on a second, anbc2 news investigation shows you a -- abc2 news investigation shows you a quick scan and the soreies are ahead on this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's get to the forecast for lynette charles. you are look at a lot of things this morning. >> exactly. we have a lot of things to look at. we have patchy fog out there. and we have rain to talk about. you can see that on maryland's most powerful radar. and look off towards the west it's sliding to the north and east right now. and the heaviest rainfall is falling around frederick county also carroll county this morning and we slide into some areas barnsville as we slide into montgomery county we see wet weather across the area. and
than answers surrounding a shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> now "good morning maryland." >> they loaded the gun again and he is going into the building. >>> a community stunned after a gunman opens fire at a sikh temple. new video in the search for police say set a denny's on fire. those stories are straight ahead on this man morning but first a developing story. police near milwaukee are calling a shooting at sikh temple domestic terrorism. we brought you the story on sunday. and this story has stunned millions of us across the country in light of the colorado theater shooting. it happened outside milwaukee and this morning tj winick is live with more from oak creek. t.j. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi is taking the lead in this investigation. 7 people were killed at this temple behind me here yesterday. three were critically wounded and they are being treated at a nearby hospital. this morning, fbi and an army of other officers swarm around two scenes outside milwaukee. split between the sikh temple in oak creek where 7 peo
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